Established in 1996, CVL International is a company specialized in international transport. Our teams assist you in the realization of all your import and export projects.

Major Player in the supply chain, our role as international freight forwarding is leading in the control and compliance with your specifications. Our knowledge brings you expertise and total control in terms of Multimodal transport, customs documents, compliance with local regulations, letter of credit, documentary credit and insurance.

We comfortably stretch way beyond delivering you a service; we aim to provide bespoke solutions, to adapt to your individual needs: We are you parcel’s “Luxury Concierge”.
Africa’s specialist for several years now, we are established in the various countries
  • Senegal
  • Mali
  • Ivory Coast
  • Cape Verde
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Gambia
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Cameroon
  • Gabon
  • Mauritania
  • Congo
  • Kenya...
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Air ans sea freight
Frêt aérien - Maritime
Our global offer meets all the requirements involved in international logistics:
Freight by air, sea, rail, road, combined, industrial packaging...
Our vehicle transport service supports motorcycles, cars, vans, heavy trucks, farming machinery, construction material both for individuals as for professionals...
Because a move is an important moment of your life, because your belongings are priceless, CVL International offers bespoke solutions...
Buying group
CVL international accompanies you in searching for your products whether in Europe, Asia or elsewhere in the world...
Project Africa
Projects on the African continent ???
In an open market where so much still can be done, the business opportunities are easy to find. You would like to start operations with Africa but ignorance and fear of a continent in constant motion hinder you. Be confident in our teams sharing their technical knowhow and field expertise. We will accompany you on every step of your project until it is final realisation.

CVL your freight partner :

In a world in perpetual movement, where competitiveness and responsiveness are requirements, we always aim towards excellence. Our team assists you efficiently 7 day a week, guides and advises you in the key moments of your transportation, whether by air or sea, regardless of the country of origin or destination.
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